No matter what sort of an outdoor event you are planning, be it a concert, a presentation or even a festival, you would obviously be expecting a really large crowd to show up. Amongst the plethora of questions that would be plaguing your mind, there would also be a concern about how people would get to see the performers. The simplest answer to this question is that you need to get an outdoor event LED screen.

Considering the investment that you will have to make in these, LED screens for event management in UAE are best placed either in the center of the stage or on the sides. The settings basically depend on the set pieces, backdrops etc, that are placed on the stage.

However, if you are holding a rather large event and are expecting, let’s say, 20,000 people to turn, then it is best for you to consider the utilization of delay screens. Such a modular LED display screenis basically placed half way amid the back crowd and the stage so that people at the back of crowd can see the performers clearly.

The best part about LED screensis that they are available in a number of different sizes, models and makes. These generally range from standard definition (SD) screen and go up to high definition (HD) screens. The sizes of these screens range from 9X12ft for SD screen and 9X16ft for HD screens. These are also available in 19X26ft and larger sizes.

There are plenty of ways in which these screens can be used. You can set them up as free standing or even have them flown from structures, the roof of the stage etc. In order to get a modular LED display screen that is right for the event, what you first need to do is determine the size that you would need. Once that is done, get in touch with a few vendors and ask for quotes. The kinds of differences that exist amid the prices of different vendors are shocking to say the least.

In your budget, you need to make sure that there are sufficient funds for you to cover additional expenses. These are inclusive of funds for the overnight accommodation of the tech guy and driver for the screen, getting planning permissions etc.

Venues where large national events are regularly held generally tend to have LED screens that are permanently fixed. These are placed amidst the bleachers and over the field/stage at festivals, concerts, football, basketball and baseball games. Be it a one day concert or a month long tour, you will never have any difficulty whatsoever in renting an outdoor event led screen. The same holds true for inflatable obstacle course hire too.