The United Arab Emirates is one of the most favorite countries for foreign investors in the MENA region. As an entrepreneur, you will find countless opportunities that will push to start or expand your business in UAE market. There are a number of advantages that you will get by choosing UAE to start a new business. Following are a few major benefits that you will reap by setting up a business in UAE.

Tax and custom duty exemptions

Offshore company formation in Dubai will provide you a number of relaxations and incentives such as tax and duty exemptions for running your business from a Free Trade Zone in UAE. It will allow you operate your business without worrying about huge taxes and custom duties that you will have to pay for trading in any other economic jurisdiction.

You will be getting your share out of its growing economy

UAE has a dynamic and rapidly growing economy that can help business achieve their targets easily. It has a business friendly environment that is backed by strong political conditions and highly favorable environment for foreign investment. For this reason, UAE is one of the top options for new entrepreneurs for their start up business.

Easy access to the international markets

UAE is the best choice for those who are looking for opportunities for trading business. It is located at the strategically ideal location for trading business. By setting up a trading business in UAE, you will have access to the entire world. UAE has some of the most important ports of the region that connects Asia and Africa with Europe and Western world. Moreover, UAE has strong business and trade relationships with major international markets of the world. This makes UAE a trading center for the entire world which tempts investors to expand their business in UAE.

State of the art infrastructure

UAE has well developed infrastructure that is vital for the growth and development of business sector. Moreover, UAE government is always up to provide more and more facilities to businesses by upgrading and expanding infrastructural facilities for businesses. By upgrading Airports, Ports, and offering new Free Zones such as Fujairah Free Zone company formation, UAE is helping businesses enjoy better infrastructure to grow fast in the market.

You will not have to worry about double taxation

By setting up your business n UAE as foreign investor, you will not have to worry about double taxation. Best part is that UAE government has state level agreements with a number of countries worldwide that ensures foreign investors will not face double taxation for running a business in UAE.