You get attracted to how your favourite star looks, dresses up, eats, his/her hobbies, but the most striking thing in them is their perfect smile. If you think you cannot achieve that smile, learn here how the stars go that extra smile to achieve that dazzling smile that you too can. A little effort and you will be there.

What do celebrities do?


If you are going to any event and you are looking for an instant solution to get that smile of your favourite actor/actress, makeup is the cleverest way out. It is easy, less expensive as you just need to buy it once and use it for long, and quicker. You can start by cleansing your teeth followed by moisturizing them. Apply foundation that is not too light or too dark and finish it off by patting loose powder. Use a lipstick that counteracts the yellowness and doesn’t show that you have applied makeup on your teeth. For your face, do not apply anything that brings out your secret in the open. Keep it to a bronze shade so that it is not too loud.

Teeth whitening

You will find numerous dentists for teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi, so it won’t be difficult for you to find a reliable dentist. Teeth whitening treatments consist of gels or laser whitening procedures that extricate the stains from the pores in your teeth to make them glow. Teeth whitening, twice a year, would help you get the perfect star-studded smile.


Veneers have the longest life. They can last for up to 10 years, fighting all the discolouration. You can guess from the results that it won’t be a cheap method. It costs thousands of dollars. Before you go for them, do consult the doctor for the pros and cons.

Teeth layout

Celebrities to make their touchups and expensive treatments more natural use both veneers and shape their teeth so that it gives of a more natural look.


Stars from a younger age wear braces so that they get a straight smile. The braces are worn without the need of them so that as you grow your smile is shaped with the perfect curves of the braces.

These are few of the paths that the stars take to get the perfect smile that gets pasted on the glossy magazines. You can follow the ones that are easiest for you and get you favourite stars smile!