Every hotel management makes it sure that the belongings of their guests are absolutely safe at their place. Most of the hotels provide hotel safe or boxes for their customers where they can keep their valuable items during their stay. As the guests cannot carry their valuable things with them all the time during travelling, they have to go out of hotel for roaming around, and they cannot risk carrying jewelry and cash with them all the time. So, they can deposit them in safe during their stay and they can freely enjoy their tour. Following are some features which make safes and vaults so secure & dependable.

1: Strong body:
These safes are very hard and almost impossible to break down. The hard steel body cannot be cut or drilled by any machine. Also, the locking system cannot be busted which makes it really safe and secure system.

2: Locking system:
the locking system of safes can be of different types. It may be of combination lock, alloy lock or electronic locking. In the latest designs, only cards or finger prints can unlock the safe. That makes it certain that no unauthorized access to the safes is possible.

3: Anti-burglary:
People store their jewelry, cash or documents inside safes. Burglary safes are especially designed to keep your items safe from any theft and keep them very secure.

4: Protecting from natural calamities: The latest quality of these safes have water proof or fire proof feature. Flammable safe cabinets can save you belongings from fire and water too. Also they are safe from any dust, rust or insects from outside.

Placement of safes
: Depending upon design, structure or size of the hotel room, these safes are placed on:

Corner table:
Small safes are easily placed on any corner table in the room. They look like a briefcase and are extremely heavy because they are made up of metallic alloys. They can have electronic or alloy locks.

Inside walls:
A safest place to install a safe in hotel is inside walls. Hotel management select a place on wall where it can be hidden, only the guests who are willing to use it will know its location. The most important thing is to find the right place to place it.

Within floor:
Another highly secure location to place a safe. A safe box is dug inside the floor and is covered by carpet. It is made sure that the box is fixed tightly and no one can dig floor to access it. It is protected by additional bras walls inside.