Workplace safety is not an after-thought and does not exist in paper and operational guidelines alone. In fact, this should be implemented and practiced at all times by everyone, especially the ones working on the frontlines. Everyone should do their share in making sure that the workspace is secure and safe for everybody. In short, it is a shared responsibility.

At times, safety policies stated in the manual are pretty simple and straightforward. The upper management should ensure that these simple rules are being practiced and remind their subordinates of the importance of following these rules. Here are some simple safety guidelines that every employee should follow:

  • Wear protective gears at all times


This is important, especially for workers operating in dangerous and critical zones. Companies operating in this kind of working condition are required to provide their employees personal protective gears and equipment to avoid work-related injuries. Employees, on the other hand, should comply with wearing these gears while they are working in the field. Failure to comply would result to accidents and injuries. This can adversely affect business operations and harm to the well-being of the workers.


  • Be conscious of your surroundings


Employees and people working in the field should be aware of their surroundings so they can act quickly should an emergency arises. For instance, knowing the fire exits can help in reducing casualties should a fire incident happen in the workplace. Being aware of the workplace environment would also lessen the chances of meeting an accident in the workplace as employees would be alert and conscious when working in danger zones. Safety consultants in UAE strongly recommend companies to post reminders on danger zones to make their workers aware of their movements and also to prevent work-related accidents.


  • Take a short break


This pointer might be a little odd and less technical than the usual safety tips. But taking a break from work will not only benefit the employee but the company as well, especially in the aspect of workplace safety. Tired and burned out employees are not alert and attentive of their surroundings. In this state, there is a high chance they will meet an accident and cause work disruption.


  • Know how to use office equipment properly


There have been lots of work-related accidents reported due to improper use of machinery and equipment. Some employees tend to disregard proper equipment use and take the shortcuts. This habit is not only a bad practice, but also a dangerous one. This can lead to equipment breakdown, or worse, accidents and injuries due to improper use.

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