Prom is most exciting event in the life of a high school kid. All the year students especially girls wait for this time to dress up cute & look prettiest among all. Girls literally want a dress that can turn everyone’s head when they enter the room. They want a dress that could grab everyone’s attention and make them look best of all. The question is, is it possible to get a dream dress? Yes that is totally possible with a little planning.

Things to keep in mind while getting a prom dress

1: First of all choose the style. Go through fashion magazines to know what is fashionable and in trend. Select a cut which will suit your body and you can carry it comfortably.

2: Pick up your color, the color which suits you best and you have tried it before. Usually you should go for sharp colors to wear on prom. Light colors will not attract the crowd whereas bright color will catch the attention of everyone.

3: If you are too short then you can wear high heels or short dresses and flaunt your body. It will look amazing and you will stand out among other girls

4: A perfect dress demands perfect look which you can get by a little makeup and hairstyle. Learn to make hair styles that would look great with your prom dress.

5: Dress size should be perfect. In case you are feeling that you look fat and your body fat is visible in a dress that you love then do not drop that dress but instead get a body shaper to wear under dress.

Prom dresses in Abu Dhabi are not hard to find, you will have so many options to look into. Now following are some styles to consider for your prom night:

  • Movie star style: You can opt style of your favorite movie star and recreate the look.
  • Elegant: You can go with a maxi or traditional dress to have an elegant look.
  • Princess style: Try on any Disney princess dress and have a royal look on your prom
  • Wow look: Ideal example of this look is Marilyn Monroe style that is a sexy dress ,a lot of makeup and chic accessories. Select a dress with silk or satin fabric for this look.
  • The girly look: A maxi or skirt would go perfect to have this look.

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