Abu Dhabi is one of the seven states of the United Arab Emirates, which is renowned more for its religious structures and traditional buildings. Roaming around the state gives a great feeling to the visitors as they explore the Emirates with a class. Wandering around the wide and beautiful roads of Abu Dhabi in a rented car is a great idea as it doesn’t only let you explore the city but also does save your precious money. Just like Dubai car detailing, renting a top quality car in Abu Dhabi is also a great option for the tourists. However, there are a few things that tourists need to know before they notch up the miles on the beautiful roads of Abu Dhabi.


If you have got a chance to visit Dubai, the first you would have noticed would be the immense traffic on its roads. However, there is no such problem when you’re in Abu Dhabi. They say the best way to explore this state is by travelling on your own transport. The state, which is also the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, is a serene one and gives a very peaceful and calm outlook to its residents and visitors. You may visit its several golden beaches, a modern looking skyline, and rich historic cultural structures and museums. In short, the city has all it takes to be one of the top tourists destinations in the world. Some of the most popular tourists’ sites in Abu Dhabi are Marina Hall, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Heritage Village, Corniche, and Yas Island.


  • It is a vast state therefore it is always a great idea to rent a car rather than using the local taxis or the public transport system. Although, the taxis are far cheaper in this part of the world than any other country, renting a car gives you more financial freedom and the liberty to explore the state at your will and at your pace.
  • You may rent a car with a chauffeur who is well aware of the beautiful and amazing places in Abu Dhabi. This would be an additional feature of the package and will give you the comfort as you travel across the deserts and roads.
  • Most of the car rental companies have deals and coupons available all the time, which can be availed to further cut down on your travel budget.
  • You don’t have to have an international driver’s license and an insurance cover, when you hire a car rental service with a chauffeur.
  • You can select from a large range of cars at a rental agency where you can also enjoy the Mercedes service in Abu Dhabi in a grand fashion.