It is quite frequently stated that watching TV shows and films help drastically in learning a second language. English is one of the most popular languages in the current world and so learning English by watching movies and shows that have English subtitles can have an amazing social and economic impact. The public media and the language experts have very contradicting opinions regarding learning a foreign language using movies and show subtitles. In most of the European countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Holland the TV shows and other media are broadcasted in their local languages with subtitles. In countries such as France, Germany and Spain the English movies and content is regularly dubbed with the native language audio and subtitles. So they are getting quite popular as now the audiovisual media in its original language with the right subtitles is very easy and video subtitling services are common.

There is also another type of subtitle that is not that popular but should be mentioned and discussed.

Reverse Subtitles

These are the subtitles that are present in the foreign language and are showcased when the sound track is being transmitted in the local language. Shockingly these kinds of subtitles are more preferred to foreign language subtitles with local language subtitles. This is a rather confusing method as it might just help in some of the regions such as your vocabulary but not might be that effective in helping you with your hearing abilities. For example, in Arabic movie the characters are speaking in English but the subtitles are in Arabic (assisted by services such as Arabic English translation in Dubai).

This environment can help you in getting the right exposure and you do not have to be completely confused at every second to understand what the characters of the film are actually saying. You will not feel rather overwhelmed. While later on as a beginner you will need to improve and work on your listening skills, this is an amazing means of acquiring exposure to it. All you have to do is go through the subtitles when you are watching your preferred film and slowly but gradually you will surely pick up larger fragments of the sentences.

Another vital benefit is that it is quiet easy for you to find shows and movies in your own local language as compared to media content in your Target language.