Nowadays, creativity is given more attention and emphasis, not just in schools but also in career and business. Individuals who are in tune with their creative side are given more opportunities for growth. They excel in so many ways and succeed better in life.

Which is why parents are also doing their best help bring out the creative side of their kids. These modern parents believe by harnessing their kids’ creative genius, their little ones will have more edge than others. If you are keen on firing up your kid’s ingenuity, here are some tips that you can employ:

  1. Make time for art


If you really want your kid’s creativity to blossom, you need to allot time for you and your kids to indulge in the Arts. What most parents do is they spend at least an hour every day to do arts and crafts. If you cannot spare time during school days and weekdays, you can use some time during the weekends to do activities for kids in Dubai that can help grow their creative genius. Make sure to make the art activities different from the previous ones you already did to keep your kids interested and also to pique their curiosity. Routine activities would soon bore them. Having variety is always good.

  1. Let them express themselves


Some parents think that their kids are just babbling nonsense words and stories. But in reality, it is your kid’s way of telling what’s on their minds. Do not discourage them from doing this habit. Instead, listen to your child and run with their ideas. Do not quash their outrageous suggestions. If you quash or prevent them from babbling and speaking, they will feel that they are being restricted.


  1. Enroll them to an art class


If you want your kid’s creative side to be unleashed, you can enroll them in an art class in Dubai. Art classes provide kids a venue to express their artistic side. They will also be taught the fundamentals and the right techniques to further enhance their creative ability. Also, they will feel confident working with other students who are interested in the arts.


  1. Ask open-ended questions


Critical thinking is important in developing and honing one’s creativity. To be able to harness this ability, parents should challenge their kid’s to dig deeper into solving problems. When you are reading your kid a story, ask some open-ended questions that would make them think outside the box.