Holidays is just around the corner and business establishments are starting to design their business space to get in with the Holiday spirit. But it can be a little tricky to design a commercial space, given the limitations.


If you are a business owner thinking of what design concept to apply to your retail and commercial space, here are some tips from experts in design and interior architecture in Dubai that you can follow:


  • Think of a theme or a concept


We all know that main theme is the Holiday season, but you can make your own interpretation of it. You need to work with your marketing team on creating a concept that would showcase your own version of Holiday theme. Do not subsist to common themes as some establishments will be using this as well. This would give you and your team an opportunity to be creative in terms of the design. You can encourage the employees to submit their concepts and the ones that will be picked will be given some form of incentive. It can be a great way to include the whole team in planning and encourage a healthy competition amongst the employees.


  • Incorporate your branding


The usual colors of Holidays are white, green and red. But there is no rule that states that you need to follow such scheme. In fact, you can use your own branding in the design. This would set your Holiday design apart from your competitors and promote your branding in a unique and creative way. Ask your design team on how you can incorporate your branding in the design scheme. Be sure that it is done tastefully, without deviating from the brand colors you are using.


  • Highlight your products


The Holiday season is a perfect opportunity to promote your products, especially if you are releasing a new line for this season. Grab the chance to highlight these items in the design. Or if you have items that you want to reintroduce to the public, you can ask the design team to include this on the concept.


  • Make it obstacle-free


You need to remember that the purpose of your store is to serve the clients, and Holiday designs that are too big or too wide would a distraction to the customers. Be sure that the Holiday decors are installed in strategic places where it can be visually appealing but will entice potential customers.


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